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Welcome to Body Energy Reflexology

Ancient combination therapy with a modern edge.

Welcome to Body Energy Reflexology

Are you having trouble finding a non-invasive treatment for your injury?

Welcome to Body Energy Reflexology

Considering holistic therapies to help you on the road to recovery?


Come away feeling re-energized and focussed

At Body Energy Reflexology, our cutting edge holistic therapy helps to recognise the concept of energy and its flow throughout the body.

A vital link between the ancient healing arts and modern scientific research; our multifaceted approach to healing helps to restore any injuries or imbalances that may have been caused by physical, mental or emotional duress. Whether you’re close by in Thorpe Bay or further a field in Brentwood, we are here to help you wherever you’re from in Essex.

Incorporating a non-invasive acupressure treatment, body energy transforms vital energy by rebalancing meridians throughout the body, creating reactions in every organ, structure and system, to promote faster normalisation and re energizing your body and mind.

Obtain the full benefit of reflexology treatment:

  • The boots
    One of the best aids to reflexology treatment is using boots which work by removing the internal air from a set of bespoke felt boots, the resulting atmospheric-pressure compresses the boots onto all of the foots reflexology points at the same time.
  • The cups
    By stimulating the meridians (the pathways of energy flowing throughout the body), their activation helps with the clearance of energy blockages, thereby enhancing blood circulation and absorption of vital nutrients re-energising your body.
  • Compression techniques and magnets
    Using magnets and compression techniques, blood circulation and muscle nodules are improved. This is especially good for sports injuries and back pain.